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JQWidgets V9.0.0 Cracked

jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed

jqwidgets is a collection of UI components for jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, and Web Components. It offers a variety of widgets such as grids, charts, schedulers, menus, tabs, trees, and more. jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed is the latest edition of jqwidgets that was released on January 03, 2020. In this article, we will explore some of the new features and improvements that jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed brings to the table.

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jqxGrid Charting

One of the most exciting features of jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed is the jqxGrid charting. This feature allows you to visualize the data in your grid in a chart format. You can choose from different chart types such as line, column, pie, donut, and more. You can also customize the appearance and behavior of the chart using various options and events. The chart can be displayed in a separate window or embedded in the grid itself. This feature can help you to analyze and present your data in a more engaging and interactive way.

jqxGrid Export

Another feature that jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed enhances is the jqxGrid export. The export feature allows you to export your grid data to various formats such as PDF, CSV, HTML, XML, and more. In jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed, you can now export your grid data to .xlsx format as well. This format is compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications. You can also export your grid data with data grouping. This means that you can preserve the hierarchical structure of your data when you export it to another format.

jqxGrid Progress and Rating Columns

jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed also introduces two new column types for jqxGrid: progress and rating. The progress column type allows you to display a progress bar in your grid cells. You can use this column type to show the completion status or percentage of a task or process. The rating column type allows you to display a rating widget in your grid cells. You can use this column type to show the rating or feedback of a product or service. Both column types are editable and support custom rendering and validation.

jqxGrid Rating Cell Editor

In addition to the rating column type, jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed also provides a rating cell editor for jqxGrid. This cell editor allows you to edit the rating values in your grid cells using a rating widget. You can customize the appearance and behavior of the rating widget using various options and events. The rating cell editor supports validation and keyboard navigation as well.

jqxGrid Material UI Pager Template

The last feature that we will mention in this article is the jqxGrid Material UI pager template. This feature allows you to apply a Material UI style to your grid pager. Material UI is a design system that is inspired by Google's Material Design principles. It aims to create a consistent and intuitive user interface across different platforms and devices. The Material UI pager template gives your grid pager a modern and sleek look that matches the Material UI design language.


jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed is a major update that brings many new features and improvements to the jqwidgets library. It enhances the functionality and usability of the jqxGrid component by adding charting, export, progress, rating, and Material UI features. It also fixes various issues and bugs that were reported by the users and developers of jqwidgets. If you are interested in learning more about jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed or downloading it for free, you can visit their official website.


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