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JQWidgets V9.0.0 Cracked

jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed

jqwidgets is a collection of UI components for jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, and Web Components. It offers a variety of widgets such as grids, charts, schedulers, menus, tabs, trees, and more. jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed is the latest edition of jqwidgets that was released on January 03, 2020. In this article, we will explore some of the new features and improvements that jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed brings to the table.

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jqxGrid Charting

One of the most exciting features of jqwidgets v9.0.0 ed is the jqxGrid charting. This feature allows you to visualize the data in your grid in a chart format. You ca