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My Services

Get Fit Fast

Weight Lifting

Muscle Building

Personal Training Sessions: 60 minutes

The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape.

FREE Consult & Assessment for New Clients!

Single Session: $150

5  Session Series:  (5) 60 minute training sessions: $700

10 Session Series: (10) 60 minute training sessions: $1300

Clean & Press Package: Nutrition plans & training:$200 & up

Small Group Fitness

Better Together

Whether you want to workout out with your partner, or a few BFFs, training with others is a fun and motivating way to push yourself!

Fit w/ Friends: 45 minute session for 2-4pp: $130

Cross Fit Class
Services: Services
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