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Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is a combat flight simulator video game that lets you experience the Pacific War in historical battles and original planes. You can choose to play as the US Navy or the Imperial Japanese Navy, and command your own squadron of fighters and bombers. The game features realistic graphics, dynamic weather, and various multiplayer modes. It was released in 2012 for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and later ported to Nintendo Switch in 2019.



The game has two main modes: Campaign and Arcade. In Campaign mode, you can follow the story of either Admiral Chester Nimitz or Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, and participate in key battles such as Pearl Harbor, Midway, and Wake Island. You can also switch between different planes in your squadron during the missions, and customize your loadout with different weapons and upgrades. In Arcade mode, you can play single missions or scenarios with different objectives and challenges.

The game also supports online and local multiplayer modes, where you can compete or cooperate with other players in various modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, and Carrier Battle. You can also create your own custom matches with different settings and maps.


The game features over 20 authentic planes from the World War II era, such as the F4F Wildcat, the A6M Zero, the B-17 Flying Fortress, and the D3A Val. Each plane has its own strengths and weaknesses, such as speed, maneuverability, durability, and firepower. You can also unlock new planes and skins as you progress through the game.


The game received mixed reviews from critics and players. Some praised the game's graphics, sound effects, and historical accuracy, while others criticized the game's repetitive gameplay, poor AI, and lack of variety. The game's Metacritic scores are 55/100 for Windows, 54/100 for Xbox 360, 53/100 for PlayStation 3, and 50/100 for Nintendo Switch. The game's Steam user rating is Mixed with 250 reviews.


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