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Dekok And Murder On Blood Mountain

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Dekok And Murder On Blood Mountain

What's both frightening and intriguing about the case is the precision with which the murder took place. A single, seemingly perfectly-placed stab wound killed Betsy. The stab wound not only found the heart but also punctured a lung which likely caused it to fill with blood and prevented her from screaming.

The ambush was her first mission, one she would never forget. She was scared, cold and kept biting her fingers to keep the blood flowing while the group waited on a mountain ridge. She was most afraid that one of the other Shakaar members would notice her doing so. After three or four hours, the skimmer they were waiting for appeared. When the hatch opened and the first Cardassian emerged, she opened fire and kept shooting until the power cell was empty. When it was all over, she was giddy, grinning and relieved that she had not let anyone down. Later, Lupaza crafted a Bajoran earring out of some of the metal of the destroyed skimmer, which she gave to the younger Bajoran. Kira would wear the adornment throughout the rest of her life. (DS9: "The Darkness and the Light") 1e1e36bf2d


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