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Freddie Gibbs Gang Signs ((HOT))

Combining film and animation, the clip shows Gibbs and Q as a rabbit and a turtle respectively. The animated animals are super cute, and are later joined by other lil creatures. However, despite their cuteness, the rabbit and turtle mean business as the rabbit drives around with a gun on the dashboard while the turtle rocks out with face tattoos and gold grills. It's a smooth, breezy track with production which juxtaposes Freddie's and Q's raw and real verses of where they came from, just like the animation you watch the critters throwing gang signs.

Freddie Gibbs Gang Signs

I'm happier than yesterday, we 'bout to beat the homie caseTears on his daughter's face, just tryna help with what I make, ayyIs it just feelings or rap lines?Can't get wetty and baptized, no white man gon' save mineA belt won't help my waistline, still gon' die for my group lineGod damn right, it's fuck one timeWay too Crip to go live, you take one, we take nineWe don't stop at stop signsMight get fifty and that's fine, I just might pop, I keep tryin'Every day I need a dope flipI was on some broke shit, a nigga was a po' pimp, do or dieNigga play me on some mo' shitA nigga might as well kill his motherfuckin' self, that's a suicideGot a Draco, let it rip, nigga hopped up quickSo I had to double back, hit him two timesI ain't new to this shit, bitch, I'm true to this shitAnd every mornin', I wake up and throw a gang sign (yeah) 041b061a72


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