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Saying Goodbye to IPv4: For the time being, IPv4 will be used for the foreseeable future. However, the transition to IPv6 is already underway with some ISPs and startups looking to encourage companies to switch over to IPv6. Read the full story here.

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Update to prepare for more traffic: WIRED has been part of the Internet community for more than 20 years. Were no strangers to the joy of reading, writing, and talking about networked technology. All that being said, its time for us to take a good look in the mirror and make some fundamental changes to reflect the way the Internet looks today. In light of this, WIRED will be redirecting its editorial focus to techs biggest challenges and talking more about the technology problems and solutions that we think matter mostour Back to Basics. Read the full story here.

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High-Severity Bug in Google Chrome: A critical high-severity bug found in Google Chrome (CVE-2020-6492) has been patched. The flaw is a use-after-free vulnerability in the Web Graphics Library (WebGL) element of Chrome Browser. This element of the Javascript API could have allowed for threat actors to control the use-after-free exploit allowing them to execute arbitrary code. A use-after-free specifically refers to when someone intentionally attempts to access memory after is has been freed; in the case of a use-after-free flaw exploit can result in the potential of arbitrary code execution or in some case enable complete remote code execution capabilities. Read the full release on the Google Chrome bug here.


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