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[S1E3] Slow Hand

Teddy is at a theme park with Julia and Paul riding a train ride while speaking about cocaine and his work as well as the war against the cartels and the Communists. Julia is not liking what Teddy is doing to fund a CIA sanctioned war. She is afraid of what this job could do to Teddy and the fact that it could blow back on the CIA. Teddy assures her it won't happen. Julia reminds him of a failed op in Tehran, and Teddy continues to assure Julia that his country demands it. Julia is still unsettling with the op, but ends the conversation. The ride ends and Teddy hands Paul over to Julia to call Alejandro from a phone booth. Alejandro explains it would take days to grind all of the serial numbers himself. Teddy tells Alejandro he'll need more time while looking at Julia playing with Paul. Alejandro agrees and hangs up.

[S1E3] Slow Hand

Franklin and Leon anxiously wait as Karvel exits Lenny's bedroom buttoning his jeans up. Franklin then discovers Lenny lying halfway on the bed with his pants all the way down to his legs, indicating Karvel raped him. Franklin was horrified by what he seen. Karvel then exits another bedroom with Franklin's money in his hands, knowing now Franklin lied about it being just a couple grand. As Karvel approaches the front door, Franklin tells him that it's his money. Karvel, scoffs, grabs the box of cereal and leaves, double crossing Franklin.

Franklin is at Jerome's house, who is pouring a glass of whiskey. Jerome asks what happened. Franklin tells his uncle it's nothing that can't be handled. Louise enters and sees the bruises upon Franklins face. She asked if that was Claudia's doing. He said no. Franklin then requests a gun from his aunt and uncle. Jerome just stares down Louie who prepares to head to another room. Jerome halts her and tells Franklin that if he gives him a gun, he better be ready to use it, also to never hesitate or let Cissy know about it. Franklin returns home, sees no one lurking around, enters his bedroom, throws his backpack on the bed and pulls out a gun concealed in his jeans. He then heads over to the broken sound system and conceals the gun inside. He then changes shirts and sees Cissy in her room watching television. When asked about the bruises, he lied about some shelves falling on him at work. The episode ends as he sits with her while they are watching television in her room.

Slow pacing while we get to know new characters is not entirely a bad thing, but this is getting perhaps a little bit too slow. On the other hand, considering The Lord of the Rings spends several chapters following the hobbits walking across the Shire, walking through some woods, and chilling out with Tom Bombadil, before they eventually meet Aragorn and the story really gets going, maybe we should just consider this an homage to Tolkien. Hopefully, now that all the major stories, players, and geographical locations have been introduced, the series will pick up the pace a bit in episode 4, and we can start to get more of a sense of where all of this is going.

By the end of the episode, we see plainly that Viserys now has two infected wounds on his left hand, where his pinky and ring fingers can be. But that wound was subtly noticeable earlier in the episode.

Viserys now wears large black gloves whenever he is in public. This is presumably to keep the knowledge of his illnesses a secret from the rest of the realm. But the gloves aren't foolproof. If you watch the way he holds objects in the gloves, you can see that the two fingers never bend with the rest of his hand.

Three years later, Viserys' wounds have only worsened. Now he's missing fingers, and his hair also seems more thin. Overall, the show is taking care to depict the slow-but-steady aging that is effecting the once prosperous king.

Despite the big grin on his face after he finishes his attack, Karvel is shot in a way that makes him look like a monster. (Singleton said director Daniel Attias deserved kudos for his treatment of the scene. "He's like a master director.") Lenny meanwhile, makes eye contact with Franklin; still handcuffed, bent over the bed, naked from the waist down and bleeding, he then stares into space in a way that makes his heartbreak visceral. Petrified with fear, Franklin and Leon are unable to speak or move at the sight of him. They're anguished too. They know that even though Lenny is scum, nothing about what happened to him is funny -- and he certainly didn't deserve it. In that context, Snowfall got it right.

Yes, the idea that Snowfall uses a man's rape as the height of humiliation is unsettling. That it is supposedly the pinnacle of degradation and a cause for shame means unpacking deeply held attitudes about sexuality and definitions of manhood. And unfortunately, this is not as nearly as insightful a take as shows that've gotten it right. American Crime, for example, used the rape of a teenage boy by a more affluent male teenager as the jumping off point for its excellent Season 2. There, the now-defunct series made clear the emotional toll, stigma and outright dismissal male rape survivors encounter. Similarly, Outlander's depiction of the rape of Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) at the hands of Capt. Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall (Tobias Menzies) showed the sustained impact of the trauma. Much like the rape scene on Snowfall, Outlander's graphic and disturbing scene showed an aggressor hellbent on destroying a person. It is through Outlander's prolonged exploration of Jamie's suffering, and continued return to the plotline that makes it one of the most nuanced looks at male rape yet.

Ned: Very handsome armor. Not a scratch on it. note You're all show. Jaime: I know. People have been swinging at me for years, but they always seem to miss. note Actually, I'm just that good. Ned: You've chosen your opponents wisely, then. note You're a Dirty Coward and only fight people you know you can beat. Jaime: I have a knack for it. note You, for instance?

In King's Landing, Ned has received the same message, and Littlefinger, happening by, asks if he'd like to share the news with his wife. When Ned realizes they are heading to a brothel, he manhandles Littlefinger, suspecting a not-too-veiled insult; luckily, Catelyn manages to intervene in time.

Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 3 was a slow pace in the storyline, but it's an important one that builds the nuances and character development. We now know more about Jeanette and a few more main characters.

Magic received a called from Beth, who revealed that Janice stole equipment from the original project, including an old hand link for Ziggy. Wait, was she building her own Quantum Leap machine? This is bad.

The Roys call a town hall meeting for their employees, the people whose labor pays for their penthouses and helicopters. But there's no hiding their disdain for the peons. Logan's hand gesture at the thought of even talking to his employees says it all. The fears and concerns of the people who rely on WayStar to pay their rent and bills are nothing to the Roys and their C-level stooges, who toss aside very real worries for fake news made-up questions. Even the people employed by the superrich aren't safe from the elite's utter contempt.

His discussion of the cruise line's "salty moves" around the world reveals not only his casual racism, but also that his disdain for the law is truly global. And when he ambushes White House aide Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven, he also shows his willingness to gamble the country's future on his own troubles. Threatening the President with negative media coverage, this media baron essentially horse-trades elections and governments over his own misdeeds. "The law is people," Logan tells Shiv, "and people is politics. And I can handle the people."

In episode 2, Logan balked at Marsha's suggestion of bringing up the fact that Kendall pretty much killed a kid in Scotland. He and Kendall both believe some secrets are best kept buried, but then Kendall raises the stakes with his office stunt. Kendall can handle being locked out of Windows desktop, but then Logan's bagman Colin looms. "Just checking in," Colin says, the menace palpable, before leaning in. "I know you," Colin whispers to Kendall, and the young iconoclast is shaken. There are skeletons in lakes on both sides, and they may yet rise up.

In the Kingswood, a large stag is found and presented to the king but it is not white. Lord Jason hands King Viserys the spear to kill the stag and he does but it is slow and he must stab it twice. King Viserys is clearly unhappy to have done so. The court applauds him.

The next episode is titled King of the Narrow Sea and sees Prince Daemon make his long-awaited return to King's Landing, but how will King Viserys and Princess Rhaenyra handle his return?

The award for the most uninteresting and slow narrative in The Lord of the Rings: ROP Episode 3 goes to the Nori-Stranger storyline. Full of stupid and idiotic scenes (like Nori trying to get hands on a scroll which she could have taken once the elder left the room, and The Stranger almost burning the note holding it too close to fire), this subplot undoes the good work done by rest of the episode. Talking about the highest point of the episode, it was without any doubt the failed escape by Arondir and co, which showcased some cool action choreography as well as a nicely executed CGI Warg. The episode also finally introduced us to Adar and also hinted at the origin of the Amazon original character Halbrand.

For all those with short attention spans, good writing and good acting are not to be found in Super Hero movies. As someone who first read LOTR and The Hobbit as an adolescent the Rings of Power does a good job. It may seem slow to anyone who has not read a book of a 1000 pages or more; however, character development takes time. A good story takes time to create logos, ethos and pathos.

Dolores wakes, as usual in her bed. Getting up and dressed, she opens a drawer in her dresser to put away her nightgown and sees something wrapped in a cloth in it. Unwrapping it she's the handgun wrapped in it. Gazing at it for a moment, she wraps it back up and puts it back, before catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Which triggers a flash memory of her being dragged into the barn by the Man in Black. Looking back down into the drawer she see's that the cloth wrapped gun is no longer there. The moment puzzles her just for a fraction of a second, before regaining her equilibrium, she inhales, smiles a little, closes the drawer and goes on to begin her day. 041b061a72


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