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Create Amazing Slideshows and Rough Cuts with BeatEdit for Premiere Pro

Choose the audio track by clicking the arrow below the clip, and then check the box under Audio Track to add the audio track to the clip. You can select any audio sources from Premiere Pros Audio panel. The next step is to select the length of audio clip you want.

beatedit for premiere pro zip

Premiere Pro automatically groups all the clips with the same style. You can easily group clips together with the Group & command, and you can also expand or collapse groups by clicking the black brackets at the top of the panel. Another approach is to group all the clips into a single group and then drag all the clips out of the group and place them individually in the timeline.

The Layer panel is a great way to control aspects of a clip such as the brightness, contrast, gamma, exposure, and color levels. Layer filters can help you solve color clipping issues, and it lets you do some more complex editing. Premiere Pro often makes an exact copy of the clip, so you have two copies of the same clip. In this case, you want to link the two so that you can edit both at the same time. To link clips, go to the Clips panel and right-click the clip, then select Link.

When working on a movie, youll inevitably run into the situation where you need to replace an image in a scene. How do you make sure that the footage you grab from your external hard drive perfectly matches the new image? Well, if youre working with a graphics project that already has a placeholder in the timeline, you can simply insert the new image into the clip. If you have an empty video clip, you can go in to your clips library, drag and drop the clip, choose Replace Source, and replace it in your timeline. If you dont have a placeholder in the timeline, youll need a bit more help. For that, you can grab Premiere Pros MatchMove feature. All you have to do is add a MatchMove from the Effect menu and start matching footage and placeholders. However, if youre using the MatchMove feature, you can only replace one clip at a time. You can start a MatchMove by choosing Match Move from the Effect menu, or you can create a MatchMove from the Advanced panel and drag it to the timeline. MatchMove lets you drag footage from the sliders in the timeline to the ones on the canister. You can also set a frame limit to stop the MatchMove from matching all frames in a clip. Try this approach to match footage in the timeline.


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