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Mac Osx Leopard Intel Amd Leo4allv3 Iso

after that i found the ppf patch for my iso. this time they added titan drivers instead of natit. applied it and burned that disc. first installation stuck on the language selection screen. on the second try i got massive usb driver error warnings but it worked. on the first reboot after the installation i got a black screen but i heard the harddrives were still rumbling, so it was again some graphics driver problem.

mac osx leopard intel amd leo4allv3 iso


after that i switched from my current driver to the new one from the intel site and i have no video errors now! sorry about that im new to this! anyway if your an experance mac user you will probably know how to do this!! if not well hope you can understand me!

another thing i noticed was that my laptop fan wasnt spinning when i booted up so the fan wont work in the future. so i patched the hackintosh to check if it was enabled! oh well atleast my laptop will cool down!

i ran the hackintosh-from-seed-1.0_v1.pkg with new kexts and it looks good! i think i will be able to play some games! i have a few small things left to do, but this might be what i will do with my computer!

one nice thing about this hackintosh is that it made my battery last 100% longer! oh and after a short rest my battery lasted about 3 hours too!! oh well hope you guys liked it! hope to hear some good comments about it!

but i still need to get my harddrives to work! also i am going to upgrade to ram! im going to be putting in 2 gig of ram! i would prefer 64bit and iv been looking around on the internet and i saw some people saying that it was a 32bit error but i am going to get 2 gig of ram. so im going to upgrade to a 64bit system and i will be changing out the cpu for a core2 duo


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