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FoCOM Ford Obd Software

FORD-VCM-OBD (FoCOM) 2012 is a analysis software for various automobiles producers equivalent to Ford, Mazda, and Chinese language cloned automobiles. With the instruments, customers can scan their automobiles for any injury, points, issues, errors or every other warnings via which customers will be alert that automobile wants a upkeep verify. It has improved the sturdiness of automobiles analysis for higher efficiency and stability. You may also Download Mestrelab Mnova Suite.

FoCOM Ford Obd Software


It is the IDS software license that provides access for a period of time for the IDS software including software updates, calibration, and software files. To use the Ford IDS VCM VCM Scan Tool, Super VCM VCM scanners for Ford. Ford IDS version v86 software for FORD and MAZDA with all data files and the license. Tested and worked perfectly for reprogramming and diagnostics. There is a manual in the downloaded folder.

VCM II VCM II is the new Ford OEM diagnostic tool. It allows dealers to perform diagnostics by using the IDS software. VCM II VCM II is the brand new diagnostics interface by Ford to be used in conjunction with IDS, the Integrated Diagnostics Software.

IDS software is only available for older vehicles, and 6th generation models. MDARS is required for vehicles of the 7th generation. Mazda IDS, as well as Ford IDS, cannot be installed on the same computer.

Manual for ECUs config. by FoCOM Configuration of Ford ECUs http: // This is PRELIMINARY WORKING DRAFT for SECONS Ltd. internal use and FoCOM users. Please excuse the typos and errors. Each control unit in Ford vehicles contains configuration data as hexadecimal chain. In these data are encoded information from the production, which specifies the functions and equipment of the vehicle. Configuration data can be read from the control unit, or from AS-BUILT database of Ford Motor Company. Note: These data of configuration doesn't contain encoding of injectors function, traveled distance, or informations about immobilizer, and other. Is necessary to perform adaptation of these data, after changing the ECU separately. Note: Ford IDS doesn't display readed data, just program the data to new ECU. Display of data from the AS-BUILT database of the Ford Motor Company (includes data for all controls) PCM Module PCM 1 FFFF FFFF 0310 PCM 2 2C0C 44FF FE8B PCM 3 FFFF 03FF 2F42 PCM 4 FFFF FFFF FF0F PCM 5 FFFF FFFF FF10 PCM 6 FFFF FFFF FF11 PCM 7 FFFF FFFF FF12 PCM 8 FFFF FFFF FF13 PCM 9 FFFF FFFF FF14 BCE Modules 7A6-01-01 0900 20B0 20A8 7A6-01-02 00B0 7A6-02-01 02B2 720-01-01 6A20 3930 A8C4 720-01-02 0100 2B 726-01-01 5A0A 93 726-02-01 03C0 2222 0037 726-03-01 3000 61 726-04-01 0E40 726-05-01 040F 46 726-06-01 0000 34 726-07-01 2505 5F 726-08-01 0101 023A 726-09-01 2000 57 726-10-01 8008 0000 00C6 726-10-02 0000 0000 003F 726-10-03 0000 0000 0040 726-10-04 0000 41 726-11-01 1400 53 1 / 2

2). UCDS Original deviceThis tool is powerful, can do module programming, mileage correction, chip tuning and it also work with forscan software. Assbuild data, Direct coding and much more.

When youve tried to initialize the used pump and it fails have you just tried plugging your old pump back on without initializing it again to see if dash light stops flashing? (just incase its not coding used one back in at all), if the light goes out without syncing the old pump back in id be looking at the vcm or software. Ive only had fuel pump sync fail on a focus tddi, but i used my mates vcm 2 and it worked first time. So it must be a software/hardware issue with mine as ive done connects and transits and its worked on them.

For Ford VCM OBD is professional device for ford vehicles,FOR Ford-VCM OBD has the most functions of for ford vcm ids,it is the mini version of for ford vcm ids.for Ford-VCM OBD works on for ford car by OBD2 port directly.

Ezt a Focom, Fcom ford autódiagnosztika hibakódolvasó programot főként FORD,Mazda típusokhoz fejlesztették ki. Gyakori probléma, hogy univerzális drága műszerek sem kezelik elég megbízhatóan a FORD és MAZDA típust. Ezért fejlesztették ki ezt a FoCom, Fcom programot, hogy ezt az óriási rést ez lefedje.

A ford diagnosztika programhoz INGYENES ÉLETTARTAM program frissítés tartozik. A program soha nem jár le, örökké használható, és már közel 10 éve folyamatosan INGYENESEN frissíthető havonta több alkalommal is. Vásárlás után a csomagban az adapteren található a frissítés letöltéséhez szükséges jelszó. Így Önnek folyamatosan ingyenesen bővül a ford diagnosztika programja, és belekerülnek mindig az új típusok is !!!

A ford diagnosztika program kezelő felülete többnyire magyar, szenzorok adatai is, de a hibakód leírások kb. fele angol nyelven jelenik meg. A program teljes körű használatához tehát szükséges valamennyi angol ismeret. Fordításokon sokat dolgozunk, de még idő mire teljesen elkészülnek.

Figyelem, vigyázat hamisítják !!! Sajnos a kínai gyenge ford autódiagnosztika hamisítványok között már fellelhető ez a kábel. Ford-VCM-OBD vagy ehhez nagyon hasonló fantázia nevet kapta a kínaiaktól. Hamisított kábelnek nincs jövője, mert az első frissítés alkalmával, a program érzékeli, hogy hamisítvány interface van rádugva, és tönkre teszi a kábel firmwaret teljesen. Onnantól kezdve teljesen használhatatlan.

Focom obd2 diagnosis interface software newest version is Focom1.0.9419. Focom obd2 interface covers for wide range of ECUs andmodels. Do you know how to install focom software? Below OBD2Tuningsharing Focom obd2 diagnosis interface softwareFocom1.0.9419instalation.


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