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Where To Buy Mohu Leaf Antenna


I was blown away that the thin Mohu Leaf 30 found more channels on average than bulky metal antenna! How could that be Well, in Providence, RI, where I did this test, the TV signals come from almost all directions. The DB4 is good at receiving signals from only a narrow angle. It has a reflector in the back which basically blocks signals from that direction. The Mohu Leaf, on the other hand, is better at getting signals from all directions.

Hi, Brian, thanks for all this great info! I was happy with my new GE Pro Bar antenna (got 22 channels) for several weeks until Hurricane Florence blew in. I live in central North Carolina, and for 5 days during the worst of the cloud cover, I lost ALL reception no matter where the antenna was located or which way it faced, and I also tried it both with and without the amplifier. Do you think a Mohu leaf mounted on a window would work during bad weather Or should I consider an outdoor antenna Also, re: an outdoor antenna, does it have to be connected to the TV by a cord I have no idea how these things work.

The Antop AT-800SBS also has a table-top stand for indoor use, but this 85-mile antenna was at its best out in the elements, where it pulled in 68 watchable stations. A 40-foot cable is included for easy installation, and the adjustable amplifier lets you dial in the right amount of power boost to help you grab the stations you want. It's the best indoor/outdoor antenna we've tested, and well worth the premium price.

Also, because the signal is line-of-sight, your placement of the antenna can significantly affect its performance. We recommend testing out a few different locations to find out where the signal is better or worse. We also recommend mounting the antenna out of the way of foot traffic or other passing objects, as that can cause the signal to drop out momentarily.

Before you start shopping for an antenna, you should check what channels are available near you. AntennaWeb(Opens in a new window) has a helpful tool that lets you enter your location to see where the nearest TV stations are. It even provides a map that shows the distance from each station and the type of antenna you need to get a strong signal. Once you know what stations you can pick up, then you can figure out the best antenna to buy. 59ce067264


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