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Friday Art: Filip Hodas’ €?pop Culture Dystopia’ Series

what would the disintegration and decay of pop culture look like? a dystopian landscape of corroded cartoon characters, decomposing doll eyes and polluted pop icons? prague-based digital designer filip hodas brings us a creative look at the theme through a series of digitally-painted portraits depicting cultural idols in a state of severe corrosion.

Friday Art: Filip Hodas’ ‘pop Culture Dystopia’ Series

Among his works Pop culture, dystopia is the series of illustrations that will definitely capture your attention. The designs show a transposition of a disastrous reality, a sort of parallel world. The subjects are pop-culture icons, as defines them the artist, they are taken prevalent from cartoons, video games, or films. Since 2015, Hodas is sharing with the public creative works on his Behance profile. Being an endless source of inspiration, Hodas is working with programs like World Machine, Cinema 4D, and Octane. Thanks to his works we have traveled constantly through mysterious, tremendous, and exceptionally dreamlike spots.

In this ongoing Instagram series Filip Hodas is exploring dystopian world of pop-culture icons. The main goal of this series is to learn how to use Substance Painter and how to implement it in the texturing workflow. All of the textures are made procedurally in Substance Designer with little details from Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.

Filip Hodas, illustrator, computer animator, and visual effects artist, has become well known for his pop culture dystopias.cartoon fossils, a digital art series that envisions the preserved remains of our pop icons as if they were fossils.


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