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Dirt 4 Demo

We can't stress the importance of safety gear when it comes to riding, especially riding dirt. Lucky for Babes in the Dirt, Fox Womens makes the best protection out there and will be demoing gear at Babes in the Dirt 4. Stop by their booth to get suited and booted but please know, there are limited amounts of gear and demos will be rotated hourly so no hoggin' babes! Try it, love it, and return to give everyone a chance to experience the line up.

Dirt 4 Demo

Wow, just WOW! Never in a million years did we think this event would grow to what it is today. Because of ladies like you, who are growing the off-road community with your sheer enthusiasm and kindness, have helped to create one of the largest gathering of dirt bike loving ladies we've ever witnessed. Thanks to every single one of you who donated to make this event happen, I hope you got to see just how far your donations went. Because of you, this event was our best one yet and so many ladies got to experience dirt without any hesitations.

Husqvarna Motorcycles for bringing out 30 demo bikes. Thank you for offering classes for first time riders and demos for beginners & experienced riders that were fun , challenging, and so rewarding! If you got a chance to try one of their machines, you probably fell in love. Husqvarna was with us since our very first year when there were only 60 of us ripping trails in between rain and hail storms. This journey would not be possible without the Husqvarna brand and the amazing humans that make up their team. We consider them family!

Fox Womens for doing one hell of a gear demo and offering so much free stuff to the attendees that we were in awe! These ladies kicked major ass and were all smiles the entire time. We hope you all got to experience how modern gear (that fits) can give you so much more confidence on the trails (and can be life saving).

Garrahan Offroad Training taught over 100 ladies how to ride at #babesinthedirt4 whether you had never been on a bike in your life or were looking to advance your skills; Brian Garrahan and the crew had the training course ready to rip! Thank you for being there and thank you to all the ladies that tried something new last weekend !

Learn from master gardeners, talented florists, lawn enthusiasts and other outdoor experts as they offer informative, entertaining demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions all day long on The DIRT Demo Stage located in the Agriculture Horticulture Building. Demonstrations start at 10 a.m. each day.

The hardest hitting demolition derby action you'll ever see! Team Demo Association is the sanctioning body for the Tournament of Destruction, featuring America's Original Team Demolition Derby, inside the Dirt Oval at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois

Of course, hype reveals are nothing new, but I was lucky enough to take part in the Dirt 5 demo with zero time restrictions, which is great because I could not quit playing it. From the way the cars each handled to the amazing venues and tracks that looked unbelievably gorgeous in 4K, the Dirt 5 demo had me addicted to the content that was offered.

My time with the demo was spent using an Xbox One Elite controller, and the feel and precision of each individual four vehicles on each unique track surface felt solid and responded in the way I expected.

Based on my time with the demo, I think fans of the series have something special waiting for them come October, but this also feels like a title that will bring in people who were big fans of the MotorStorm series on PlayStation and the current Forza Horizon series on Xbox.

Macro photography is probably the most technical of all nature photography. This kind of photography does involve some more sophistocated equipment, specifically a macro lens. However, even macro lenses have their restrictions, which can be helped with either extension tubes or teleconverters, or both in some cases.Teleconverters, or tele extenders, act as mini telephoto lenses, in that they can be mounted in between the camera and the lens and will help to magnify your subject. Extension tubes work in a slightly different way, in that they don't contain any glass or optics, but they create distance between your lens and sensor. Instead of mangifying the subject, it allows you to come closer to it without affecting your focus. This, however does affect the amount of light that comes through your lens and you may have to adjust your aperture to make up for it.You are now trying to photograph at close range, a tiny creature or thing who is either much faster than you, or much lighter and can be blown away. On top of that, because you are getting closer, every single detail will be important, including that speck of dirt stuck to your flower petal.When working with flowers, you need to make sure that you can create an environment that looks natural, and in some cases, picking or moving certain plants might even be illegal. For situations like this, I like to use a plant clamp. This is really any kind of clamp that (preferably), has a flexible neck that you can attach to your tripod. This will keep your plant still as you photograph it with its natural surroundings.Working with small animals or insects can also prove to be tricky, as they tend to run off in every which direction. This can be prevented if you have a friend with you to help "wrangle" your creature when it escapes. Another helping factor in cases like this is to build a set instead of trying to capture the animal, say, on a tree, where it's difficult to wrangle back into place. Buliding a set also gives you the benefit of being able to control what goes into the image as well as the lighting. It doesn't take much, just a box of some sort with some sand, or moss, or leaves and twigs in it, where you can place your subject and set up your lighting around your mini studio.*This photo was taken on an very windy day, so having the advantage of a portable flash and a plant clamp was extremely useful.


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