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This game is one of those rare short games that prove that cute art styles and amazing 8-bit tracks can indeed lead to some thought provoking, dark situations.To Do List is a game where you wake up each day and, well, do your to do list. It's premise is really simple: go around your tiny island and just do simple tasks from chores to entertaining yourself to making food. The game starts taking a turn near the halfway point as you start hearing things from your radio and giant worms start to appear all over your lawn (not to mention you dig up your friend to have a nice, cozy chat with them). In terms of music, the game has a really awesome soundtrack that goes well with its old flash style artwork and just the overall tone as the days progress. The ending is left pretty open as you end up harvesting your crops, masses of flesh that (with a little speculation) were what grew from the corpses you created along the way.Gameplay-wise, there weren't any sections that had bugs or any glitches (that I could find). The only sore spot that I would be able to see people talk about is that, while the game gives you objectives, some objectives have multiple steps that the player must figure out on their own; with this being said, the game is so short and straightforward that it's very simple to find what's required to do next.All in all, this game will draw you in with it's visuals and killer music, only to leave you questioning what you've been actually doing in your to do listMy playthrough:

Html5 Radio Player Nulled 38


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