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Punchy Techno MULTiFORMAT

If you'd like to support midierror's work and future freebies please donate here: x Synth124 x FX51 x BassLoops87 Drum Loops @ 90, 120, 140 175BPM73 Modulated Synth Loops @ 90, 120, 140 175BPM40 x Synth Loops @140bpmDrum Hits:14 x Cymbals23 x Glitches32 x Kicks28 x Perc23 x Snares16 x TomsMulti-Samples13 x Multisampled Synth Sounds (217 individual samples)All samples are 48000Hz, 24-Bit Wave files.

Punchy Techno MULTiFORMAT

Featuring warm and heavy basses played with stand-out riffs, on top of thick punchy kicks, just aching to be played out at a festival or nightclub. There are also filthy, sub-pounding, bass presets for Serum, which places the power in your hands with full control of each bass.

Great sounding loops for chopping up to give that late 90's to early 00's fast trance and techno flavor (***, tech trance and hardgroove). Surprisingly how great the sound/production quality is for its time. A lot of great loops, but also a few cheesy ones and several duds that don't tickle my inspiration (as to be expected). Most of the oneshots don't inspire me though. The gold is found somewhere in the loops. Great that it's still obtainable to this day!

The introduction of the TR-909 in 1984 transformed the landscape of electronic dance music permanently. If the 808 defined the sounds of the early 80s, the 909 was the next logical step in the evolution of technology shaping music and music shaping technology back. Like the 808, every voice on this drum machine is a classic - instantly recognizable (for better or worse), and deeply nostalgic yet increasingly relevant in today's music. And despite what anybody says we still have yet to see an emulation nail this sound perfectly.

Like the 808, the 909 is analog, but with one major difference: it uses crunchy 6 bit samples for the cymbal and hi hat. These can punch through a mix in a totally different (crunchier?) way than the previously analog hats because they're sample-based, providing an amazing contrast to the 909's analog voices. In fact, so much of the movement from disco to house and techno can be boiled down, at least partially, to this shift in hi hats.

Also like the 808, the analog bass drum is famously huge and warm. Both are capable of deep sub kicks around which you can base entire albums of music. But while the 808 bass drum is incredible, it can be hard to fit with a big bassline. The sustain is huge and you also just don't really have a punchy envelope to play with. On the 909, though, the introduction of pitch modulation means you can get a super punchy kick because you're effectively raising the pitch of that attack envelope, and the difference (the decay) between that initial attack and the lower, fundamental sustain is where the punch lies.

This sample pack recreates the sound of early Techno and fuses it with today's production standards to bring you a collection of sounds tailor-made for modern dance floors. Featuring everything from punchy piano loops, oldskool strings, pounding drum machine beats to grooving analogue basslines, twisted acid loops and intense sound effects.

The first track alone sounds very Detroit Techno, especially the Piano. Think early Detroit techno but also has modern influences. There was a lot of listening to Detroit Techno in the making of this pack too but the aim was to make a usable sample pack.

Detroit is the undisputed mother of Techno. With Motor City you get a dozen of raw and punchy kits, combining drums and synths to start your journey to the source of Techno right away.

Who wants free Roland TR-909 samples? Maunster made a stunning drum kit for music producers to enjoy. These are real vintage 909 drum sounds recorded with a legendary Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer ran through a UA LA-610 preamp and they sound sweet! The pack includes punchy kicks, juicy snares, toms, claps and hats. There is also a bonus file for OP-1 users.

For almost ten years, Iron Curtis (real name Johannes Paluka) has been releasing raw and dreamy house and techno with over two dozen labels. The Berlin-based artist is also known for aliases such as Achterbahn D'Amour and Moon.

The opening track, "Spectral," places dubby chords over a rolling beat which, though lacking groove, still maintains the energy through a driving techno feel. Straight to the point with a heavy yet subtle bass line and just the right amount of elements, "Spectral" definitely aims to peak any avant-garde party. "Spectral" is a train, and just as the title suggests, a ghostly train.

This release by Niche Audio delivers 13 construction kits of basses, drums, wobbles, chords and plenty more sounds that can be highly addictive. There are two additional folders called Vox and FX one-shots for layering and manipulation. All in all, you get 15 folders of materials to play with. Dubstep Supercharged is primarily aimed at dubstep producers and is great when used with a MIDI controller, especially one with pads. It was designed to be tweaked, played and triggered on the fly for maximum enjoyment. Native Instruments Maschine and Ableton Live users take note of this! I especially like the sound of the drums because they are so aggressive and punchy. The included bass sounds growl, like many of the dubstep basses today. The innovative FX section (which features 16 samples) has some cool selections ready to be dropped into your own compositions. Processed or dry, these samples are good to go. A well-produced sample pack.

Taking influence directly from the synth-driven horror scores of filmmakers such as John Carpenter, Spook is filled with ominous noise textures, soaring pads, haunting melodic riffs, punchy drums and thundering basses.

Produced by Thomas Balaz Techno Titan, this release brings you 450 of the deepest and most powerful techno samples that will fit into your music with incredible ease. The bass loops and synth loops in this package come with their respective MIDI files to give you complete flexibility in terms of melodic content! 076b4e4f54


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