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Iar Embedded Workbench License Key Crack

IAR Embedded Workbench License Key

IAR Embedded Workbench is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded systems development. It supports a wide range of microcontrollers and architectures, such as ARM, AVR, MSP430, PIC, and RISC-V. It provides advanced features such as code analysis, debugging, optimization, and testing tools.

To use IAR Embedded Workbench, you need a valid software license. A license is associated with a license key, which is a unique code that identifies your product and enables its functionality. There are two types of license keys: QuickStart and permanent.

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QuickStart Key

A QuickStart key is a temporary license key that allows you to use IAR Embedded Workbench for 30 days after installation. You can obtain a QuickStart key by registering your product online or by contacting IAR Systems customer care. A QuickStart key is valid for one installation only and cannot be transferred to another computer.

Permanent Key

A permanent key is a long-term license key that opens up IAR Embedded Workbench for permanent use. You can obtain a permanent key by activating your license online or by contacting IAR Systems customer care. A permanent key is valid for one installation only and can be transferred to another computer under certain conditions.

License Types

There are three types of licenses for IAR Embedded Workbench: Mobile, PC-locked, and Network.

  • A Mobile license is a single-user license that is locked to a dongle (hardware lock). A dongle is a device that you attach to the computer's USB port or parallel port, which allows you to easily move the license to another computer by just moving the dongle.

  • A PC-locked license is a single-user license that is locked to the computer where IAR Embedded Workbench is installed. You cannot use the license on another computer unless you transfer it using the License Transfer Utility.

  • A Network license is a multi-user license that is located on a license server and used by multiple users on a network. The network license is locked either to the computer where the license server runs, or to a dongle (hardware lock). The network license enables you to use IAR Embedded Workbench on all client computers on the network, but only up to a maximum number of concurrent users specified by the license.

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure for IAR Embedded Workbench depends on the type of license you have. The following are the general steps for each type of license:

  • Install IAR Embedded Workbench using the installation media or the download link provided by IAR Systems.

  • Activate your new license using the License Wizard that appears during the installation or by launching the License Manager from the Start menu. You will need your QuickStart key or your permanent key for this step.

  • If you have a Mobile or PC-locked license, you will receive a notification when your permanent key is available. You will need to activate the permanent key using the License Wizard or the License Manager.

  • If you have a Network license, you will need to install the IAR License Server on a server computer and activate the permanent key on the server using the IAR License Manager. You will also need to install IAR Embedded Workbench on the client computers using the same permanent key.

More Information

For more information about IAR Embedded Workbench licensing, please refer to the following sources:

  • The Licensing Guide, which is included on the installation media as the file LicensingGuide.pdf.

  • The Installation and Licensing Quick Reference , which provides a summary of the installation and licensing procedures.

  • The Installation Guide, which provides detailed instructions for installing and transferring licenses.

  • The Licensing FAQ, which answers common questions about licensing issues.

  • The IAR Systems website, which provides product information, support, and updates.


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