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[S5E20] Bad Night

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Rosalee gets ready to go to bed as Monroe works. She turns off the TV and jokingly tells Monroe, "Some of us are ready to go to bed." Monroe answers back, "And some of us are working on a very complicated self-winding Breguet with a gong-spring." Rosalee responds, "Well, I'm going to bed, and unless you join me in the next few minutes... you're gonna be the one who's self-winding tonight." Monroe says he is done working and starts heading upstairs with Rosalee, but Nick then knocks on the front door. Nick tells them about Adalind leaving with Kelly and the note that she left. Nick also tells them that Renard was pressuring her and that she was afraid that he was gonna use Diana to get to her. Nick tells them that when he went to Renard's house, he found it empty. Rosalee asks when Adalind told him about Renard, and Nick tells her a couple nights ago. Rosalee says, "That's when she came and dropped off Kelly with me. She said it was about work, but when she came back to pick him up, I could tell she was upset about something." Nick says that Meisner told him that Diana was with Black Claw and says that he isn't going to let Renard get away with this. Monroe then tries to calm Nick down before he locks the door.

Zuri gets up in the middle of the night and gets Hank's phone from his jacket pocket. She opens the front door and gives Hank's phone to Tony. She tells Tony where the phone was and he tells her to keep the door unlocked. Zuri closes the door and heads back upstairs, and she is startled by Hank as she enters her bedroom. He asks if everything is alright because he thought he heard something. Zuri apologizes for waking him and says that she was just turning up the heat. Meanwhile, Tony goes to his car and connects Hank's phone to a laptop to copy everything from the phone.

Nick arrives at the precinct and Hank tells him about what happened at Zuri's house. Hank tells Nick that Tony Talamonti was ID'd as the one who broke in and that the only way it appears he could have gotten in was through the front door. Hank says he thinks Tony was there for him and he thinks Tony is with Black Claw. Nick tells him it sounds like they both had a rough night and tells him about Adalind leaving with Kelly. Nick also tells Hank about his meeting with Renard in the middle of the night. Nick and Hank go to interrogate Tony to see how he is connected to Black Claw. Hank notes to Nick that if Tony is with Black Claw, then he probably knows that Nick is a Grimm. Nick says, "If he woges, he's not Black Claw. If he doesn't, he knows I'm a Grimm, and he's trying to fake us out." They go into the interrogation room and Nick asks Tony about his hand. Tony facetiously asks if Nick is worried about him, and Nick says, "We're trying to work with you, Tony. Give you a chance to drop a few charges." Tony refuses to give answers to their questions, playing dumb. Nick slams Tony's head into the table and pins him against a wall. He lets go of Tony after waiting for him to woge. Nick and Hank leave the room and Nick says he didn't woge, but he definitely knows who they both are. Nick and Hank decide to try to identify what Tony is in one of the books because Hank saw him woge. Wu arrives and Nick asks him how he is feeling. Wu says he's feeling pretty good and Hank asks if he still had dreams. Wu tells him, "Some, but I think I'm getting a handle on it. One thing I know, I need to stay busy. Being alone in my apartment may not be all that healthy." Hank hands Wu the laptop from Tony's car and tells Wu he'd love to know what's on it because it is password protected.

Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee work on identifying what type of Wesen Tony is. Hank tries to describe what Tony looked like and Nick finds a Kackenkopf entry, which Hank confirms is what Tony looked like. When Rosalee hears Hank say Tony's name, she asks, "Tony His name's Tony, the guy you arrested, and he's a Kackenkopf" Nick tells her he had a fake ID, but his full name is Anthony Tal


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