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Self-Defense Seminars & Parties

I started training in martial arts when I fell in love with Bruce Lee’s philosophy of bettering the human condition.  When I train, I train for purpose and martial arts, specifically Jeet Kune Do, gave me purpose.  Confidence and awareness are the two things that mean everything to my training.  These are the gifts I want to share with the world. 

Confidence gives you the keys to be stronger than you ever been.  It gives you the power to go after your dreams no matter how big.  I went from a shy, book worm to an independent entrepreneur.  Confidence gives you strength in fear whether going for that promotion or determination to protect yourself.  It gives you the confidence to let yourself be happy.

Awareness of how the real world works keeps you safe in you endeavors.  Self-defense is more than learning how to punch and kick but how to prevent an attack in the first place.  Fighting back is the last resort.  Avoidance is primary.  There is nothing worse than self-defense course that provides false security.  My classes provide awareness, preparation and the fighting spirit.  Be aware that the world is not safe; be aware that you need to make the decision of how far you will go to protect yourself before you need it.  Hesitation kills in an attack.

My job is to help you develop awareness patterns to keep you safe, build effective responses to chaos and develop the mindset to fight back.  On site seminars are structured to make you feel comfortable in basic fighting moves.  It starts the process of developing a mental state of a fighter and survivor.  Nothing can be predicted but we can prepare for the worst.